Box Office Staff

This page lists details of the people who have worked in the Box Office since 1955 and includes Managers, Deputy Managers and Assistants. It is drawn entirely from surviving programmes and material in archive and whilst comprehensive, it cannot be seen as definitive due the limitations of the Stephen Joseph Theatre Archive (please see Research Notes for further details).

Given the high turnover of staff in these positions and the limitations of working from programme notes, it almost certainly does not include some people who have worked in these positions. If you notice an omission, please send details to:
Box Office Managers / Deputy Managers / Team Leaders
Paul Baines
Joy Beadle
Margaret Boden
Sue Bond
Alexander Briggs
Lesley Cooper
Helen Davis
Natalie Foster
Catriona Jackson-Graham
Kate Jenkinson
Charlotte Keighley
Alice Lockwood
Vicky Lowe
Simon Murgatroyd
Zoe Naylor
Jenny Nelson
Catherine Peet
Steven Ryan
Michael Stott
Barbara Sykes
Rachel Tattersdill
Robert Williams
Box Office Assistants
Robert Abbs
Shelley Ainsworth
Matteo Alessio
Myah Ashkenasi
Sara Attwood
Jeannie Beadle
Sue Beanland
Laura Beresford
Peter Bevan
Holly Bodmer
Sue Bond
Kathryn Brame
Sarah Buchan
Andy Carr
Jamie Carr
Shaun Casey
Celina-Marie Chantiluke
Lucy Clayton
Melissa Cleverly
Stephanie Dattani
Helen Davis
Katy Dove
Kath Dunn
Paddy Earnshaw
Salma El-Shafie
Rachel England
Anne-Marie Fearon
Allan Ferguson
Kieron Foster
Natalie Foster
Kristine Francescotti
Box Office Assistants
Jade Nadon
Katy Peake
Catherine Peet
Jude Pickering
James Purdie
Claire Robinson
Mia Rackowska
Herbert Ruff
Steven Ryan
Georgina Samuels
Kirran Sharma
Lisa Shingler
Rebecca Simpson
Sarah Skelton
Katie Smith
Annette Stanford
Ruben Straddling
Ettie Tate
Paul Temple
Rachel Tattersdill
Denise Thomas
Lee Threadgold
Emily Thurlby
Kit Truefitt
Alison Watt
Liam Watt-Pattison
Kerrie Whitehead
Hannah Whyte
Glynis Willsher
Christina Wilson
Alfie Woodhead
Katie Wright
Box Office Assistants
Emma Jane Gardner
Connie Garlick
Kelly Gilbert
Chelsey Gillard
Cheryl Govan
Catriona Graham
Joan Gregory
Christine Hiking
Babs Halliday
Fiona Hall
Rachel Hargrave
Fleur Hebditch
Brenda Higginbottom
Ruth Hill
Donna Hornsby
Janet Hurst
Miranda Isaksoon
Katy Jenkinson
Charlotte Keighley
Cheryl Killey
Heather Larkin
Jon Lee
Vicki Lester
Julie Lewis
Alice Lockwood
Vicky Lowe
Ellen Mann
Kathryn Martin
Emma Mason
Georgia Mason
Bera Matthews
Lesley Meade
Georgia Millar
Meryll Mohan
Steve Monkman
Emily Morgan
Andrea Mundey
Simon Murgatroyd
All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.