Front Of House Assistants

This page lists details of the people who have worked as Front of House assistants with the company since 1955. It is drawn entirely from surviving programmes and material in archive and whilst comprehensive, it cannot be seen as definitive due the limitations of the Stephen Joseph Theatre Archive (please see Research Notes for further details).

Given the high turnover of staff in these positions and the limitations of working from programme notes, it almost certainly does not include some people who have worked in these positions. If you notice an omission, please send details to:
FoH Assistants
Marcus Abbots
Robert Abbs
James Agar
Ruth Allison
Mark Allen
Penny Allen
Philip Ascot
Becky Ascough
Myah Ashkenaszi
Orly Ashkenazi
Jack Ashton
Niamh Aspell
Freddy Asquith
Lily Asquith
Louise Asquith
Felicity Barker
Sarah Barker
Mike Bartholomew
Kyra Beanland
Anne Bell
Laura Beresford
Katherine Berry
Peter Bevan
Sophie Birley
John Boden
Kirsty Bortoft
Jova Bostanci
Lisa Bowden
Clare Boyes
Leoni Bradnam
Helen Brame
Kathryn Brame
Zoe Brame
Jill Branwell
Adam Bright
Janet Broadbent
Charlotte Brook
Margaret Brooke
Riggy Brookes
William Brown
Sarah Buchan
Ashley Buck
Franchesca Bundy
Alf Burke
Ella Jane Calvert
Andy Carr
Lawrence Carter
Shaun Casey
Emily Cass
Nathan Chadwick
Simon Chapman
Laura Clack
Amelia Clark
Milly Clark
Melissa Cleverley
Ann Cocking
Jennie Cocking
Serenah Cole
Steven Collins
Richard Cookson
Katie Coole
Laura Cormack
John Cotgrave
Alfie Cotterill
Shirley Cowton
Shaun Crocker
Katie Crookes
Mark Cunningham
Marie Daniels
Nicholas Davis
Louis Dowkes-White
Anja Drop
FoH Assistants
Rebecca Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Anne Ellmore
Rachel England
Clare Essam
Mark Farnsworth
Kate Farrow
Tonicha Fawkes
Russell Fielding
Amy Fletcher
Sarah Fletcher
Charlotte Flint
Natalie Foster
Sam Freeman
Susie Freeman
Rachel Fryirs
Abbie Fulford
Michelle Gale
Ellie Galvin
Emma Jane Gardner
Richard Glaves
Kate Gledhill
Sarah Gledhill
Kate Goldsworthy
Mark Goodall
Mandy Goode
Annette Gorman
Catriona Graham
Marie Gray
Joan Gregory
Jessica Haigh
Alice Hamp
Emma Hanson
Tom Hanson
Karen Hargrave
Rachel Hargrave
Tilly Harker
Barbara Harrison
Simon Hartshorn
Robert Hastie
Cara Hayes
Yvonne Heaps
Ariel Hebditch
Sheridan Henninghan
Matthew Herford
Oliver Herford
Chris Hicklin
Ruth Hill
Liam Hobson
Bradley Hodgson
Katie Hodgson
Matthew Holder
Katy Holmes
Nick Holmes
Pat Houghton
Wilfred Houghton
Alfie Howle
Mary Hudson
Helen Humble
Amy Hunter
Anneliese Huntly
Jade Hutchinson
Diana Ionita
Sophie Irving
Mandy Jackson
Hayley Jacobs
Jennifer Jaconelli
Kevin Jamieson
Daniel Jarvis
Lucy Jenkins
Nick John
Cheryl Killey
Sarah King
David Kirkby
FoH Assistants
Claire St Pierre
Georgina Samuels
Lucy Sayers
Helen Searle
Ajay Sharma
Kirren Sharma
Jo Sheppard
Katy Short
Anne Simpson
Rebecca Simpson
Kate Skidmore
Richard Skidmore
Jennifer Slade
Poppy Smalley
Andrea Smith
Carol Smith
Ian Smith
Richard Smith
Ruth Smith
Holly Soulsby
Karthik Sowdi
Lucy Spencer
Jill Spinks
Maya St Pierre
Charlotte Stanley
Pam Stephenson
Paul Stephenson
Janet Stevens
Rachel Stevens
Ruben Stradling
Billy Sullivan
Rebecca Sullivan
Jade Sylvester
Ettie Tate
Janette Tate
Joe Tate
Rachel Tattersdill
Sarah Teasdale
Laura Thompson
Matthew Thompson
Kit Truefitt
Stephen Tyler
Tom Upward
Helen Verity
Matthew Verrill
Emily Watkinson
Richard Watson
Tom Watton
Imogen Watt Pattison
Liam Watt Pattison
Daniel Watts
Sarah Webb
Nicola Welburn
Gavin Whitaker
Hannah Whyte
Jemima Whyte
Louis Widdrington
Katharine Williams
Christina Wilson
Dan Wood
Andrew Woodcock
Megan Woodward-Hay
Katie Wright
Susie Wright
Patrick Young
FoH Assistants
Bernard Laidler
Jon Lee
Margaret Lee
Ann Levitt
Oliver Lewis
Alice Lockwood
Hannah Lockwood
Diana Logan
Ciara McCelland
Dee McCulloch
Laura McDonald
Lauren McDonald
Jill McFarlane
Amanda McKee
Katherine McMahon
James McMillan
Elly McNally
Tom Mack
Nick Malinowski
Alice Manton
Georgia Mason
James Mealing
Melissa Mensah
Dawn Metcalfe
Georgia Millar
Steve Monkman
Lyn Moore
Emily Morgan
Khim Mortimer
Janet Moseley
Catherine Moss
Claire Mowatt
Philippa Mundey
Jade Nadon
Sheridan Nadon
Lisa Naylor
Pauline Newman
Robin Newman
Geoff Newton
Tony Newton
Tara Nolan
Julie Nowell
Laura Oldfield
Sian Olney
Eleanor Owen
Jenni Owen
Lowri Parry-Jones
Steven Pattison
Amy Paul
Olivia Perry-Mook
David Phillips
Helen Pidd
Adam Poole
Avril Powell
Will Preston
Jenny Price
Katie Price
Gareth Pritchard
Rachel Quinn
Holly Rainsley
Faron Ray
Martine Revell
Paul Revell
Amy Rhodes
Hannah Rhodes
Ruth Rice-Oxley
Tean Richards
Chris Robertson
Lucy Roberts
Ashley Robinson
Chloe Robinson
Sadie Robinson
Chris Rodwell
Dorothy Ruff
Rebecca Ruston
Steven Ryan
All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.