Artistic Directors & Associate Directors

Artistic Directors

There have been five Artistic Directors of the company since Stephen Joseph formed the Library Theatre in 1955. Until 1965, the title of this position was designated both Artistic Director or Director Of Productions - for the purpose of this page, Director Of Productions is considered the annually appointed role between 1967 and 1971.
Between 1955 and 2009 (with the exception of just 1971), the role of Artistic Director was either unpaid (1955 - 1971) or no wage was claimed (1972 - 2009); it essentially only became a paid position from 2009.

Stephen Joseph (1955 - 1965)
Alan Ayckbourn (1972 - 2009)
Robin Herford (1986 - 1988)*
Chris Monks (2009 - 2015)
Paul Robinson (2016 - present)

*In 1986, Alan Ayckbourn took a two year sabbatical at the National Theatre and Associate Director Robin Herford was appointed Artistic Director (variously called Artistic Director, Co-Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director) dealing with the day-to-day running and artistic direction of the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, although Alan Ayckbourn was also considered Artistic Director during this period.

Director of Productions

Following Stephen Joseph's death in 1967, the person responsible for artistic decisions and programming was appointed on a seasonal basis by the Scarborough Theatre Trust board each year. A Director Of Production was appointed each year from 1967 - 1972. Alan Ayckbourn was appointed Artistic Director at the end of the 1972 season. The role was unpaid (although accommodation was made available) for each year except in 1971 when Caroline Smith was paid £35 a week.

Rodney Wood (1967 - 1968)
Alan Ayckbourn (1969 - 1970)
Caroline Smith (1971)
Alan Ayckbourn (1972)

Associate Directors (1976 - 2016)

At various points in the history of the company, Associate Directors (occasionally known as Assistant Directors) were also appointed.

Mervyn Watson (1976)
Robin Herford (1980 - 1983)
Malcolm Hebden (1984)
Robin Herford (1985)
Stephen Mallatratt (1986 - 1987)
Malcolm Hebden (1990 - 1996)
Laurie Sansom (2004 - 2006)
Henry Bell (2013 - 2016)

Associate Artistic Directors (2018 - present)

In 2018, the SJT began a new Associate Artistic Director programme in which a year-long appointment was made with the intent of providing training and insight into the role of the Artistic Director with the aim of encouraging new talent not only to direct plays but also to run theatres. The year marked indicates the period when the majority of the appointment took place

Lotte Wakeham (Associate Artistic Director - 2018)
Lisa Cagnacci (Associate Artistic Director - 2019)
Chelsey Gillard (Associate Artistic Director - 2020)

Director Emeritus

The honorary position of Director Emeritus was appointed in 2018 to mark notable contributions an achievements to the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

Alan Ayckbourn (2018 - present)

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